Oxygen Barrier PEX-a Tubing Red Coils

RIIFO oxygen barrier PEX-a tubing is designed to prevent the oxygen molecules into the underfloor heating system. RIIFO oxygen barrier PEX-a tubing meets the requirements of ASTM F876, F877 and CSA B137.5 and are ideal for laying under-floor pipe circuits.

Part NumberSizeQty
BPXa123001/2” – 300 ft1
BPXa1210001/2” – 1000 ft1
BPXa584005/8″ – 400 ft1
BPXa5810005/8″ – 1000 ft1
BPXa343003/4” – 300 ft1
BPXa3410003/4” – 1000 ft1
BPXa13001” – 300 ft1