Oxygen Barrier PEX-b Tubing Red Coils

RIIFO oxygen barrier PEX-b tubing is designed to prevent the oxygen molecules into the underfloor heating system. RIIFO oxygen barrier tubing meets the requirements of ASTM F876, F877 and CSA B137.5 and are ideal for laying under-floor pipe circuits.

Part NumberSizeQty
BPX383003/8”-300 ft1
BPX385003/8”-500 ft1
BPX3810003/8”-1000 ft1
BPX121001/2″ – 100 ft1
BPX123001/2”-300 ft1
BPX125001/2”-500 ft1
BPX1210001/2”-1000 ft1
BPX583005/8”- 300 ft1
BPX584005/8″ – 400 ft1
BPX585005/8”- 500 ft1
BPX5810005/8”- 1000 ft1
BPX341003/4″ – 100 ft1
BPX343003/4”-300 ft1
BPX345003/4”-500 ft1
BPX3410003/4”-1000 ft1
BPX13001”-300 ft1
BPX15001”-500 ft1