PEX-a Tubing Natural Coils

PEX-a tubing is manufactured using the Engle method of hot crosslinking because the polyethylene molecules are linked during the extrusion process when polyethylene is above the melting point. This method results in the highest degree of crosslinking of all PEX types of up to 85%. This combination creates the highest chlorine resistance (Class-5 listing) in the industry.

With RIIFO’s frontier extrusion and inline QC technology along with a multi-component gravimetric dosing technology, RIIFO PEX-a tubing goes through some of the most rigorous testing to produce quality tubing. RIIFO uses a short-wave infrared technology to create high speed, uniform and stable crosslinking during production.

RIIFO PEX-a tubing is ideal for supply of potable water and meets the standard of CSA B137.5, ASTM E84, ASTM 876 and ASTM 877.

Part NumberSizeQty
PXa12100N1/2” – 100 ft1
PXa12300N1/2″ – 300 ft1
PXa12500N1/2” – 500 ft1
PXa34100N3/4” – 100 ft1
PXa1100N1” – 100 ft1
PXa1300N1″ – 300 ft1