PEX-b Tubing White Coils

RIIFO PEX-b tubing is made of cross-linked polyethylene, utilizing the production method of silane cross-linking that provides superior chemical and mechanical performance. RIIFO PEX-b tubing is ideal for supply of potable water and meets the standard of CSA B137.5, ASTM E84, ASTM 876 and ASTM 877.

Part NumberSizeQty
PXu18100W1/8″-100 ft1
PXu14100W1/4”-100 ft  1
PXu38100W3/8”-100 ft1
PXu38300W3/8”-300 ft1
PXu38500W3/8”-500 ft1
PXu381000W3/8”-1000 ft1
PXu12100W1/2”-100 ft1
PXu12300W1/2”-300 ft1
PXu12500W1/2”-500 ft1
PXu121000W1/2”-1000 ft1
PXu34100W3/4”-100 ft1
PXu34300W3/4”-300 ft1
PXu34500W3/4”-500 ft1
PXu1100W1”-100 ft1
PXu1300W1”-300 ft1
PXu1500W1”-500 ft1